Sunday, July 24, 2016


Howdy, all. I know I haven't posted here since May. And there's a reason for that.

Remember how excited I was about finally seeing a video of Learning Voyage? Well, that was the same day I got a job offer, which of course I took. Bottom line, I'm now a working man. It's so awesome to finally have a job! This is also why I've been busy and haven't updated the blog in some time.

Now, one of the great things about having a job is that I get money. And having money means I can buy stuff. Don't worry, I'm budgeting things. I'm using my money wisely, only making the occasional eBay purchase. Such as the Learning Voyage games, at least in the re-branded "Learning Center Series" form.

Yep, I bought those games on eBay today for a great price. They should be coming later this week or over the weekend. When I finally have them, I can actually make a proper review of them. Should be fun.

Wanna know what isn't fun? Buying a 20 year old piece of hardware that I wanted to cover for the blog, like new, only to find out that because of its age, it didn't work. It had never been used, but because of its age it didn't work at all. I won't go into full details now, because I want to surprise y'all. If I can get it fixed, and that is a big "if", expect it whenever I have it working and can find free time to make a review. But for right now, it doesn't work.

One final piece of news: I am working on a project related to Classworks. Once again, I won't give you all the details. You'll have to wait until the project is actually completed, which might take a while.

But between these projects, my job, and school (I'm almost ready to get my Associates), it's been hectic. I haven't found a lot of time, or a lot of subjects, for the blog. Just know that I'm here, I'm alive, I haven't forgotten about the blog, and I am planning to write a proper post eventually. After the Learning Voyage games, I've got some other things in mind. I'm not going to try to do a theme for each month like I tried the last time; that's simply too much for me.

What I'll do instead is what I've been doing: review what I want, when I want to. Things like Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley would probably take a long time to get the footage, since that's a point-and-click adventure game, versus games like KidPhonics, which is just a phonics-themed activity center. (Speaking of KidPhonics, maybe I should go back and do a proper review of that game?)

So yes, bottom line, stuff is gonna happen. It's exciting. Hope you're looking forward to it! As always, if you have anything obscure you'd like to see me cover, please let me know. See you next time!


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