Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Obscurity

It's been far too long, friends. Far too long. But the reason this blog has been inactive: "Johnny" is no more.

You heard me right. I am taking over for the one you called "Johnny". My name? I cannot tell you. But what I can tell you is that I have similar interests to him. For this blog, of course, that means very obscure toys. And since it's Halloween... why not discuss some obscure Halloween toys?

The toys are very similar to each other: they are both teddy bears, they are both dressed like witches, and they both came with chocolates. However, the similarities ended there. For you see, one of them spoke, and the other one sang.

The one that spoke said nothing but a generic "I love chocolate!", which made sense considering it came with chocolates. The one that sang, sang a very odd song. For the life of me (so to speak), I cannot remember what the words were. Well, that's a bit unfair; I can remember some of the words, but that's because I was quite young when it sang, and I couldn't understand it. Anyway, here's the music that I remember:

(synthesized instruments)
Double, double, toil and trouble,
(something) Halloween spike (?) on the double!
So if you see the door come out (?), beware;
We're comin' to your house for a Halloween scaaaaaaaaare! (cackle)

Of course, the lines marked with question marks are parts that I was unsure of. The lines, as they are presented to you, are what I thought they were when I was young. They made no sense, but then again, a lot of things that I had misheard (or even misspoken) didn't make sense either.

Apologies that I couldn't celebrate with something a bit spookier, but that was the most obscure Halloween thing I could think of. With that, I bid you adieu. You shall hear from me again at some point or another. Who knows if it will be sooner or later?

(PS, this very technologically advanced typewriter is rather awkward to use; I have pressed the '\' key more than Backspace more times than I would care to admit...)

EDIT: Hoo boy. I don't know how THAT happened... Some nut who's apparently pretending to be a vampire (or perhaps a zombie) hacked my account. Well, at least he had the decency to post... the same thing... I was going to post... Could it be... I wasn't hacked? Could that have been me, in some sort of strange, drug-induced craze?

Okay, who am I kidding here? It was me the whole time. No, I wasn't hacked. No, the blog hasn't been taken over by a vampire. Or a zombie. But do have a safe and happy Halloween!

More stuff to come; aside from the phone thing, I'm actually in the process of writing another post, this one about a computer game. I didn't play it on the Compudyne, only at school, and although it seems no one else in the entire world remembers it, I do. Despite only ever playing it twice. And my oh my, do I have a lot more to say about it than you'd expect. Til then!