Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More info on Learning Voyage

(Please note that the information from this post is outdated. A more recent and accurate post can be found here.)

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems I was wrong about a few things in my last blog post. I am here to correct those things, because I've found enough stuff to warrant a new blog post about it.

First off, the titles. The games were not, in fact, divided up by subject. Learning Voyage Grade 3 had games for both reading and math, and same thing with Grade 4.

Next, I still get confused about publishers and developers. So I have no idea whether Learningway/Learning Way/Learning Ways published the Learning Voyage games, or simply developed them, and in addition, the game is copyrighted by Davidson and Associates (the company behind the Blaster games).

And finally, more about the titles. Not only were they not divided up by subject, but they had official names as well. For example, Grade 3 was titled "Learning Voyage: Sand Trapped!"...

Excited Game Title!

And Grade 4 was titled "Learning Voyage: Swamped!"

Who ARE these people, anyway?
I'm almost sad that these were the only games in this series. Almost sad.

Now, while I don't have any color screenshots of the clown dunking game I mentioned last time, I have a color screenshot of a different game I also remember: a game where you pick the verb from a sentence in order to get a monkey to climb up a tree so that he can dive into a puddle of water and GOOD GRIEF THESE GAMES WERE RIDICULOUS. *takes deep breath* Okay. I'm better. Here's a screenshot for your viewing pleasure:

The first thing that comes to mind is: MONKEY BOOOOOOOYS!
Like with the clown game, if you answer enough questions correctly, you also get to choose how the monkey dives.

Diving in monochrome because that's what I have.
Oh yeah, something's missing from this one: Game Tokens. Don't know what they would be used for since I've never played this game outside of ClassWorks.

But I can assume from this screenshot of a hub from Swamped! (that's the Grade 4 one) that they would be used for something extra, some sort of prize or advancing the story or something. Here ya go:

From left to right: the daughter, the robot, the dad, the mom, and the son.
So there we go! I'm so close to solving the mystery of these games (well, a mystery for me at least), and now all that's left is to find them in some way or another. For my next post, I'm going to talk about another Davidson game called KidPhonics, and this time I'll use screenshots I take myself instead of from online. I'm certainly looking forward to it, but I just need to find the time. I'll aim for a week this time, but I may not be able to. Either way, I'll see ya then!


Minor update: I have now created a TV Tropes page for the games; go check it out and feel free to give it some Wiki Magic love.


  1. I remember playing the 4th grade one as a kid. Always took forever to load then. The tokens were for the engine room. You could play a minigame there that's got more to do with the plot in the intro. From what I've seen in a Youtube video of Sand Trapped, there was an ending, but I've never got to it. :p

    1. I made yet another post about these games recently (see "A Triumphant Return" from May). It's awesome that people are starting to remember them again!