Saturday, January 24, 2015

Franklin's Activity Center!

(UPDATE: Thank goodness. The copyright nonsense I was dealing with before has been resolved, and it only took 2 days.)

I decided this time that I would make a video, rather than just taking screenshots. This is because, well, I just thought a video would be more interesting. Now, unfortunately, there were a few problems with this:

1. A few of the activities (the dinosaur bone collecting game and the "Frogger" clone) did not work at all in SheepShaver for some reason. I'll try and look into it, but I am planning on making a video of it using VirtualBox or VMware or something like that.

2. I forgot about an activity (one I've never actually played before). All I know about it is that it involves clicking on a book; I would assume it's just storybooks or something. (EDIT: I just tried it and it turns out it's just the swap puzzles.)

3. Due to annoying circumstances, I don't have a decent video editor on my computer. This means I'm either limited to booting from an Ubuntu Studio flash drive I made and using OpenShot (which is too inconvenient for me), or trying to use YouTube's video editor (which is a piece of crap). Also, I recorded the commentary separately, after making the video, because of stuff I won't go into here, and YouTube's video editor won't let me add my own audio.

But enough about that, here's the video!

Now, onto some news that I mentioned in my lost audio commentary. First of all, I now have a good .ISO image for KidPhonics (thanks to HomeStarRunnerTron of Macintosh Garden), so expect that to be my next blog post.

Next is a bit more boring: I have a new screenshot from Learning Voyage: Sand Trapped! now. It's a color screenshot from the clown-dunking game, but it's a bit tilted. For copyright reasons, I'm not going to upload it; it was tilted on purpose, and it was used in a video by the Classworks team. Speaking of which, yes, Classworks still exists, and it's all online, and it's now being handled by Curriculum Advantage. That's a rather boring name, to be honest, but they have not ruined it by making it boring. What they have done is added an achievements system (seriously, what is it with educational websites having achievements all of a sudden?), made a version for high school (which is a bit odd, although it may have existed before and I never knew about it), and updated one of the games (the current Classworks uses NumberMaze Challenge instead of the original NumberMaze... I think).

Oh! And speaking of Learning Voyage, I'm still on the lookout for the games (Sand Trapped especially), so if anyone comes across a copy, please let me know. And if you find a copy for Macintosh, please put it on Macintosh Garden. I would really appreciate it.

Well, that's about enough from me! See you next time, when I cover Davidson's KidPhonics, aka Davidson's Learning Center Series: Phonics. Til then!


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