Monday, December 31, 2012


Hey, all. Sorry I haven't written anything here in a while. The holiday season has been really hectic, plus I've been distracted by other stuff (such as indie games, TV Tropes, and Digimon). I promise I will talk about the next obscure thing soon...ish. I'll even say a little bit about it now.

As I said, it was made by Playskool, but it wasn't really a toy. It was a bunch of books called Magic Touch Books (no, not the book series called Magic Touch, those are completely different).

I sadly don't have mine anymore, but I can't really say I miss as much as, say, a book I loved when I was little and my wonderful sister got for me on PaperbackSwap. But the thing about these was they were like the Living Books series, which was insanely popular at the time, but these were actual, physical books!

Again, I'll have more to say on these books relatively soon, but really, at the moment it's more important that I spend time with my family. See ya!


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