Tuesday, September 8, 2015

So Very Sorry

Okay. Here I am writing yet another apology. As you can probably tell, I've been inactive here for quite some time. The reason is simple: I've been preparing for school stuff. Now I'm back in school, so things should be a little less hectic. I've also switched schools (long story, don't want to go into details), and where I'm going now has very few classes on Fridays. I have none. Thus, I will have Fridays mostly free to write stuff.

As for why I haven't done stuff about the tapes? I've realized that it would take a lot of time and effort to do those, more so than computer games, where I would just have to open the game or emulator, open my screen recorder, and start recording. For the tapes, it's a bit more complicated; I have two tape players I can record from, one of which converts to a digital format, which loses quality, and the other of which I would need to connect to another computer, which requires me to haul up my monitor and speakers and hook everything up, which is a huge mess and a huger hassle because I don't keep my cords tidy like I should.

All this is to say: I'm going to have to wait on the tapes I was talking about for a bit more. I also have a couple of obscure records that I want to talk about, so I've decided that December, which is three months from now, will be "Tapes and Records Month", provided I don't have some computer games that I wanted to talk about by then.

Yes, I actually have a schedule now! To give you a bit of a preview, on Friday I'm going to make a video where I talk about 5 obscure things I only barely remember. After that, it's The Return of the Computer Games! ...Which means I'm going to talk about computer games yet again. The more things change, I guess.

But speaking of computer games, there's a chance I may be getting a copy of Classworks Gold soon! Notice I said "chance" and "may". Don't get your hopes up too high. I can't go into details now, but I will say that if I can't get Classworks, I may be able to get some other educational computer games, hopefully also obscure.

Well, that's about it! See you on Friday with my video!


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