Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finally Getting Around to Stuff

I apologize once again for not having a post in a long time. See, this is why I don't like to make promises: stuff comes up and I can't actually get around to it. With me being in school, I haven't had time to make a blog post. But this will change. My schedule will be much less hectic this week than it has been for a while. Which means...

At long last, I will make a post on KidPhonics! ...Or at least I would, if I would have a lot to say about it. But I don't. Honestly, I played it a few times and realized: it's boring. Like, really, really boring. So boring I wouldn't even play it for the nostalgia.

So with that out of the way, I'll give any additional basic thoughts here (no pictures because I'm lazy, sorry). The "Sound Buster" game is probably the most fun, just because you get to hear the "busters" talk in amusing accents. The "Word Builder" game--which is a part of the Sound Buster game too, by the way--is pretty boring. Build the right word, then make a nonsensical sentence. That's about it. The songs (yes, there are songs) are incredibly annoying. I especially despise the "cowboy" song, sung by a Pat Buttram wannabe.

So that's KidPhonics. Next will be, as I promised, NumberMaze. And boy oh boy, that's gonna be a fun one. After that, I've sort of run out of obscure computer and video games to cover, so I'll either be taking yet another hiatus or I'll move on to different media.

Like music. I've got a few things of music lined up, but because of copyright, I may not be able to do all of them. This is unfortunate, but true. I say this because I know that for one of the ones I want to cover, the company that made the songs still exists, and you can actually buy some of them on iTunes. On the other hand though, I still want to talk about the songs because they're absolutely ridiculous.

As for the others, well, you'll see. Or hear, in this case. One of them may (probably will) surprise you. But that's for another time. Next time, it's NumberMaze. Catch ya later!


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