Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Okay, so I remember this really, really, REALLY weird computer game I used to play in elementary school. I only played it at school, because I had zero interest in owning a copy for myself. It was called Quiz Show, and... well, I've got a lot to say about it.

When you started the game up, this overly excited announcer (who, by the way, was a TERRIBLE actor) would say "WELCOME TO QUIZ SHOW!" He sounded Southern. You would then sign in. (EDIT 11/13: I forgot about this. When you were signing in, this really, REALLY weird theme song started playing, with the only lyrics being "Do ya wanna play QUIZ SHOW?" and "I wanna play QUIZ SHOW!") In the version I played (there were at least 2), you would choose from among the following categories: School, Family, Situations, and... some others that I can't remember. As with the "WELCOME TO QUIZ SHOW!" guy, the guy who said these categories sounded overly excited and was a terrible actor. Each category had nine questions, and you could bet anywhere from 1000 to 9000 points for each question.

So, let's say you chose "Situations". You pick a question, overly excited and really terrible actor announcer number 3 explains the situation. Let's say it's "You're in the middle of class, when the SCHOOL DISASTER BELL rings!" An animation plays, and terrible actor/overly excited announcer number 4 asks "What would you DOOOOO... or SAAAAAY?" Each choice is read by ANOTHER terrible actor, and then YET ANOTHER ONE tells you that you either lost or won the number of points you bet, followed by an explanation of why your answer is wrong or right BY ANOTHER ONE. When you choose the next question, you can't bet the same number of points you bet in the previous one. Once you've answered all the questions in a category, you move on to the next one.

You could also play this with more than one person. Naturally, you'd compete for points. Whoever had more points by the time you correctly answered all questions in all categories would be the winner of the game... I think. I never actually got to the end of a game. But here's the thing: all of the questions were exactly the same in every single playthrough. So you could just memorize the answers to all of the questions and totally cream your opponent.

Oh, how I wish I could find a copy of this game. But the thing is, nobody else knows about it. It's not like Compudyne, where, you know, sometimes you might be able to find a newspaper ad that mentions them (or someone else may be able to find one for you; thanks again, Mark!). Nobody else knows about this game AT ALL.

Now, unlike the Compudyne, and the Talkback, and the Magic Touch Books, this is an obscure thing that I DIDN'T like, as you might be able to tell. And I've got more where that came from (no other video/computer games, though, sadly). But for some reason, I still want a copy of this game so badly! It's just so terrible and full of Narm (yes, I am a Troper) that I want to be able to experience it again! If anyone out there can help me, please get in touch!

Anyway, the phone thing is coming soon-ish. I'm in school again, so (as usual) don't expect the post to come particularly soon, as I will be busy. Plus, finals week is coming up pretty soon. Thank you for your patience.


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