Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Compudyne has been found: Compudyne PT66HB!

Yes, thanks to one Billy Coore, I have discovered the existence of another Compudyne computer!  I'm really excited.  (Also, sorry, no Magic Touch Books today...)

Unfortunately, I have found no information on this particular Compudyne, because (as usual) nobody has ever heard of it.  The model is PT66HB, and... all I can tell from that is that it had a 66 MHz Intel 486.  Yeah, this is only the second Compudyne I've ever seen the model number of, and as such, I don't know how to interpret Compudyne model numbers yet.  That, however, is why I want to collect as many Compudynes as possible!

So, I have no idea what the original hard drive size was or how mach RAM it had, but I do know the following.  It has the same sound card (Acer Magic S20).  Its graphics card is a Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428, whereas mine is a Cirrus Logic 5434.  The PT66HB also has a dual-speed CD-ROM drive (unknown manufacturer, but judging from the picture I saw, probably Mitsumi like my dying quad-speed).

Do I want it?  Of course!  It's another Compudyne!  Unfortunately, I have neither the space nor the money, so I will not be purchasing it.  Ah well, maybe I'll find another one someday.  Here's hoping!


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